PWR – Plastic Waste Recycling a.s. is a producer of gas oil, which is produced by recycling of month previously non-recyclable and low value plastic waste by process of thermo catalytic depolymerization by polyoliphenic technology/process. The technology of thermo catalytic treatment of plastic waste is consisting in recycling of PE, LDPE, HDPE and PP waste to liquid hydrocarbon by method of catalytic depolymerization. During this process liquid and gas hydrocarbon are produced, which can either be further utilized as a fuel of vehicles and combustion systems or raw material of chemical industry to be processed or rectified.

The acquired product is treated into components identical and/or very similar to the quality of mineral oils and are utilized as a component of liquid fuels, input into other treatment in petrochemical and chemical industry, as heat oil and/or as diluents and solvents. This technology enables to decrease a great deal of plastic waste on refuse dumps as well as decrease of consumption of diesel and coal.

The applied technology enables recycling of plastic of different color, with printing and aluminum dusting. The advantage of the technology is the possibility of recycling of plastic contaminated by oil, oil products and another also partly toxic substances and treatment and recycling of waste film, which is waste from technological or logistic processes which is contaminated by various substances or processes in manner that excludes it from recycling by granulation or other similar way of recycling.

The plant is established in Lučenec, Slovakia and disposes with all required permissions for disposal with plastic waste as well as with gas oil. The reached products are free of consumption tax and in accordance with the EU Journal they are classified to categories with capacity:

gas oils with nomenclature numbers:

– 2710 19 99 (wide fraction)

– 2710 12 90 (light fraction)

– 2710 19 62 ( heating oil)

– 2710 19 43 (heavy fraction)

The production capacity of the plant is approximately 550 – 600 t of product although the Company has have a permission for recycling of 17 500 t of plastic waste so the Company is interested in increasing of the capacity of the production in near future.